Simplified and smart flow reactors for Chemistry, Catalysis and Nanotechnologies

Miniature Benchtop Heater for Millifluidics (MLF-HTR-1008-1)

Millifluidic Accessories

Accessories to observe millifluidic chips under a microscope of your choice. Take a closer look at everything that happens inside the channels using our hand-help microscope.

Accessories for in-situ UV-VIS  & fluorescence spectroscopy 

The heaters can be safely handled using the large rubber foot pads. They can be oriented in any direction, face up, sideways, face down (as shown on the left, heating a microfluidic card surface), or use two in a clamshell configuration, sandwiching the chip to be heated.

MLF Microscopes/accessories

Use the accessary in conjunction with a fiber optics probe to carry out analysis at different spatial intervals. The spatial resolution information can be converted into time resolution to obtain time- resolved kinetic data.

A 2”x2” heater module is shown face-down on the left, and face-up on the right. Up to four heater modules can be easily connected to and independently run by a controller box (drawn in the center) via modular connectors.