Simplified Lab-on-a-chip Solutions for Chemistry, Catalysis and Nanotechnologies
Milifluidica is dedicated to enhancing your product, process development and educational experience.
Our commitment is to offer simplified, timely and highest quality of products and services in
the development of millifluidics for every application.

Our goal is to advance
a new class of
lab-on-a-chip products for
research & development
that are uniquely
designed to 
simplify and accelerate
your discovery.

Applications range from controlled synthesis of chemicals and nanomaterials, continuous flow catalysis, and to understand reaction mechanisms & kinetics.   For more information,
click application center and published literature or contact us
  Solutions for chemical,
oil & gas, biotechnology and

We also aim to be partners in offering hands-on learning lab-on-a-chip tools
for STEM education and training
High school students can learn about physics and chemistry of fluids in small scale, Lab-on-a- systems, digitization of fluidic devices. Contact us for more information.              
  College and university students and researchers can carry out novel chemistry, catalysis, biology and characterization investigations. 
See for more Information.

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Customer Service: +1 (650) 409 6546

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